To Be With You (Forever and Ever #28) - E. L. Todd

To Be With You (Forever and Ever #28)

By E. L. Todd

  • Release Date: 2015-06-02
  • Genre: Contemporain


Conrad doesn’t take Lexie for granted again, and he becomes more possessive and clingy. When he’s not with her, he loses his mind. When Lexie notes it, he doesn’t understand what she’s referring to.

Trinity is still afraid to walk the streets alone, and Slade walks her home every night. While Slade doesn’t mind doing this for his wife, he doesn’t want her to feel that way. So he decides to teach her self-defense.

Cayson tells Sean he’s planning on leaving for a three-month journey, but Sean isn’t happy. Actually, he’s downright mad. How will he handle the situation?

Clementine fears Jeremy will ruin her life by telling her family the truth. With every passing day she waits for the inevitable. Will it come to pass? Or will Ward figure out a way to stop it?